Unless you’re one of my millions of readers on the Korean peninsula, there’s a chance you didn’t understand most of the dialogue in this week’s comics.  But fret not, faithful reader!  Below are the translated scripts for all four comics!  Read and enjoy!


PANEL ONE: Kim on the phone.

KIM: <Hi, Grandma? I have you on speaker phone!> 할머니, 안녕하세요! 스피커폰으로 연결했어요!

GRANDMA: <Hello, Kim! How’s my little angel?> 어이구, 내새끼 잘 지냈어?



KIM: <I’m good, thank you! How are you?> 그럼요! 할머니는요?

GRANDMA: <I’m fine, dear. How is your restaurant doing?> 잘 지냈지. 레스토랑은 좀 어떠니?


PANEL THREE: Turbo walks in.

KIM: <It’s great! It keeps me very busy!> 잘하고 있어요! 눈코 뜰 새 없이 바빠요.

GRANDMA: <Not too busy to find a husband, I hope?> 남편 고를 시간도 없는 건 아니겠지?


PANEL FOUR: Turbo listens.

KIM: <Come on, grandma, not this again!> 할머니제발, 또 그 얘기에요!

GRANDMA: <What about that man who works for you?> 같이 일하는 그 남자는 좀 어떠니?

KIM: <What? No! He’s my best friend, my employee, and a bird!> ? 걘 제 절친 이자 동료라구요!

TURBO: You’re talking about me, aren’t you.



PANEL ONE: Kim on the phone. Turbo is trying to act nonchalant.

KIM: <I hope you come visit sometime, grandma! I’d love for you to see my place!> 가끔 저 보러 놀러오세요, 할머니! 제가 어떻게 사는지 보여드리고 싶어요!

GRANDMA: <I don’t know why you didn’t open a restaurant in California.> 너가 왜 캘리포니아에 레스토랑은 내지 않았는지 모르겠구나.



KIM: <I needed a change! California was too much of the same thing!> 변화가 좀 필요했어요. 캘리포니아엔 같은 것들이 너무 많아요.

GRANDMA: <Everything is nice in California! Your family is there!> 캘리포니아는 모든 게 완벽해. 가족도 거기 있잖니!



KIM: <I know, and I miss them, but it’s nice here, too! It’s small and safe and everyone’s nice and people respect your privacy!> 알아요, 저도 가족이 보고 싶어요. 그치만 여기도 나쁘지 않아요! 작지만 안전하고 사람들도 잘해줘요. 프라이버시도 지켜주고요.


PANEL FOUR: Turbo reacts.

KIM: <Well, except for Turbo, who desperately wants to know what we’re talking about.> 우리가 무슨 얘기를 하는지 미친 듯이 궁금해 하는 터보 빼고요.

TURBO: Ah HA! I definitely heard you say “Turbo!” I KNEW you were talking about me!

KIM: <See?> 그죠?



PANEL ONE: Turbo reading a book. Oakland enters. Kim is in the other room.

OAKLAND: Whatcha reading, Turbo?

TURBO: A Korean-to-English dictionary.

KIM (O/S): <How’s grandpa?> 할아버지는 좀 어떠세요?




TURBO: Because Kim’s talking to her grandmother and I hate not knowing what’s going on.

TURBO: It’s gonna take me forever to learn this stupid language, though.

KIM (O/S): <Oh good! I never thought he should have quit playing the drums!> 와 다행이네요. 드럼을 그만둬야한다고는 생각 못했었는데!


PANEL THREE: Oakland walks into the other room.

OAKLAND (O/S): Hi, Kim!

KIM (O/S): <Grandma, say hi to Oakland! He’s a friend of mine! He’s a little angel! He and his friends eat here all the time!> 할머니, 제 친구 오클랜드에게 인사하세요! 친구들데려와서 레스토랑에서 자주 밥먹는 친구에요.


PANEL FOUR: Oakland re-enters the room.

OAKLAND: <Look what I learned!> 나 이만큼 배웠다!

TURBO: How the heck did you do that?

OAKLAND: <I’m a good listener!> 잘 들어서 그래!



PANEL ONE: Kim off-screen. Turbo sits stewing.

KIM: <Talk to you soon, Grandma! Goodbye!> 할머니 또 전화할게요. 안녕히 계세요!


PANEL TWO: Kim enters.

TURBO: Enjoy your chat?

KIM: I did, thank you. Grandma’s doing well.



TURBO: Is that who you were talking to? You know I hate being kept out of the loop. I’m gonna learn Korean just so it never happens again.

KIM: Let’s start now. <Nosy.> 오지랖. Do you know what that means?



TURBO: Let me guess. “Nosy.”

KIM: See? You’re learning already!